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B. London 1977.

My practice is self-reflective, inspired by my recent rehabilitation from a life-changing accident. I voice the challenges of the physical and mental barriers I have navigated, framed within a broader cultural, social and political context. The interdisciplinary nature of my practice enables me to experiment with different media from installation to sculpture, dry-point etching, screen printing and interactive real-time 3D media. I am particularly interested in experimenting with extended reality, coding and medical data to develop this narrative.


On this journey of catharsis, my artwork is a therapeutic process and a catalyst for social change. I use art to promote positive mental health and to share creativity in accessible, inclusive and diverse surroundings. I explore the intersectionality between a body in crisis, disablism and the welfare state. I focus on these areas to highlight the inequalities created by austerity, the cost of living and the welfare state; and I work to establish communities connected by critical socio-political commentary and artist-led activism.  










  • Arts Council England Develop Your Creative Practice Grant 2022

  • Unlimited Micro Commission 2020 and 2021.

  • Snowdon Trust Grant 2019/20 and 2021/22.

  • Oppenheim-John Downes Memorial Trust Grant 2019/20 and 2021/22.

  • Unlimited Emerging Artist Award Shortlist 2017.

  • Shape Open 40th Anniversary Exhibition at Guest Projects 2016: My Life: People’s Choice Award Winner.









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